Strine: A Language, a Lifestyle, a Philosophy from Down Under


The Australians: a country and a people with a similar history to our own. You see, after we dumped a bunch of tea in Boston Harbor, the English still needed a place to ship all the folks they didn’t want to keep in England. So they started sending them to Oz instead.

200 years later, the two former penal colony experiments have a lot of similarities… but some very distinct differences. Especially when it comes to our interpretations of English and our representative vocabulary!

My presentation will feature the best of the Australian language, proper translations, and why each member of the audience could stand to integrate a little “Strine” into their everyday lives.

Sarah Nelson


Digital content strategist. Media studies nerd. Writer. Native Oregonian with a fondness for the great land down under. Lived in Sydney once upon a time, later earned a graduate degree in writing from the University of Melbourne.