Road, Fixed, Folding, Cargo -- confessions of a Bike Hugger


There’s more to a bike than two wheels and double triangles. For some of us it runs deep, so deep, it’ll put your butt to sleep. There are fixed, folding, cargo and variants of those. Freak, ’bents, electrics, Maker bikes like those seen at Burning Man and working bikes used around the world, many of them built in Portland.

Byron will share this world of bikes with you and why he’s a Bike Hugger.

DL Byron

Affiliation Textura Design, Publisher of Bike Hugger

Byron is the Principal of Textura Design, an agency that specializes in creative and interesting approaches to social media. He’s a full-time blogger, inventor of the consumer product Clip-n-Seal, and coauthor of Publish & Prosper: Blogging for Your Business, a New Riders book.

In his career, Byron built many of the original business blogs for Fortune 100 companies. He evangelizes new web technologies, developing and deploying strategies to integrate them into business practice. He also founded and publishes Bike Hugger, a blog about bike culture and rides his bicycle in faraway places like Europe, China, and India.