10 Tips For Stellar Copy


Portlanders are sculpting the web, while the rest of us are reading it. Most web people have had to write content for themselves or their clients, but not everyone knows how to write stellar copy.

That’s where my 10 Tips for Stellar Copy can save the page. It’s a five-minute boot camp for catchy phrases, punctuation, and simply down-to-earth wholesome writing. For Developers, Designers, and Craigslist Writers galore.

You can come across as the winner you are with stellar copy.

Paige Lehmann

Website http://www.paigelehmann.com/

Paige Lehmann writes copy for the web. She’s the Content Manager at an awesome design firm in Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California. She loves fashion blogs, gossip blogs, wedding blogs, and finds herself writing about security, wineries, and sometimes researching Facebook for work. Really.

She’s a writer, a free-pile connoisseur, and an Alberta-loving Portlander.