Nouns in a Particular Order


This presentation would highlight people, places and things I have come across. The slides would be shown in a particular order- alphabetical- though this might not be disclosed to the audience. Concluding the presentation might be a prompt question of, “Do you know what the sequence or pattern of this slideshow was?” Though that last part is not set in stone.

Deanna Cintas


Born in San Diego I lived in Hawaii from the time I was 10 until I was 18. I moved to Oregon for college and have lived here in the Portland area off and on since that time in 1997. I am currently completing a Masters in Education degree in School Counseling. I enjoy being outside and going to athletic events, concerts and art shows. I love to volunteer and plan events. I have a tendency to engage in high risk activities such as skydiving and bungy jumping. I am passionate about traveling, working with non-profits and being an advocate and activist.