Getting things done: An Americorps reflection


The presentation will talk about two different AmeriCorps programs- NCCC and VISTA, both of which I was a part of in the Southeast Region of the United States (based in South Carolina) and Anchorage, Alaska. Slides will consist of projects completed during those two years of service and the impact of those experiences on the people we served and ourselves.

Deanna Cintas


Born in San Diego I lived in Hawaii from the time I was 10 until I was 18. I moved to Oregon for college and have lived here in the Portland area off and on since that time in 1997. I am currently completing a Masters in Education degree in School Counseling. I enjoy being outside and going to athletic events, concerts and art shows. I love to volunteer and plan events. I have a tendency to engage in high risk activities such as skydiving and bungy jumping. I am passionate about traveling, working with non-profits and being an advocate and activist.