There Are No Inches in Cyberspace


Hey camera owners, got digital? You probably post photos to your blog and print pictures to send to low-tech relatives. Are you sure that the web files can load fast and the hardcopy doesn’t look jaggy?

When it comes to resolution, too many people are limited to the incantation “300 dpi.” Dots per inch? Where are the inches in a web browser? Does you digital camera have inches? Let’s cast better spells to control resolution and understand what happens when digital images are resized.

Nancy Wirsig McClure


Nancy Wirsig McClure is by vocation an explainer who is attuned to the visual. She works as a graphic designer, infographics artist, and teacher of Adobe graphics software. She created her first Photoshop class in web site in 1993 (when there exactly two books on the subject) and her first web site in 1995 (when there were no WYSIWYG editors for HTML).