How to cultivate a wisdom of craft.


During my various travels and diverse work experience as a project manager, water therapist, writer, programmer, teacher, among other endeavours I have had the great pleasure of working with many skilled and talented individuals. I have learned countless things by just being around people who excel at their work. And, I am always impressed by people who embody their work in such a way to elevate their labor to a place of Craft. Over time, as I watched people who honed and executed their craft I became curious if there were common elements among those who performed so well in their vocations. Over the years I have asked many individuals how they approached work so I could satisfy a curiosity about what was common in abilities, skills and awareness among even the most diverse of professions. There are a many characteristics including, study, focus, practice, sacrifice, joy that contribute to a person’s success. And I believe there is a specific optimal element common to all, though applied differently to each vocation that is a driving force in revealing the wisdom of craft in your labor and life. I would like to present my observations about what elements people can cultivate to excel. I would like to discuss the common links between the bricklayer, baker, baseball player, the footballer and fireman – doctor, teacher, weaver. What awareness is applied to their individual crafts that optimize their performance? I believe we can each cultivate awareness of optimal characteristics and moments in our work and labor— and make a connection to the wisdom of craft. I would very much like the opportunity to audition my observations if you will accept my proposal.

Marcus Miller


Marcus Miller is project engineer, writer and teaches a meditative water movement exercise called Ai Chi part time.