Werewolf the Game - Sometimes it's just fun to make stuff up


Do you like to drink beer, meet new people and lie to them? Then Werewolf is the game for you!

Werewolf has been described as “poker without cards”, I would say it is more like Twister without the game mat. oh, and the spinner. And you sit in chairs. Ok, it is nothing like Twister. It is much more fun.

I will run through the basic roles and gameplay in 5 minutes and 20 slides (which we all know will be difficult for me, due to my propensity to blather on). Watch as the carnage ensues!

Al Partridge

Affiliation ISITE Design, Portland Werewolf
Website http://www.isitedesign.com/

Al is the Director of Development at ISITE Design. He likes to play Werewolf and talk about himself in 3rd person.