Your tweets are lame. Keep it up!


Although the chatter floating around on social media is largely mundane, much of it can actually be put to good use. I’ll take a survey of some unexpected uses for Twitter’s micro-messages, focusing on human social sampling in aggregate. Examples include phenology (for global warming analysis), allergen measurement (and sampling lies you see), crimespotting, epidemiology, sentiment analysis (politics/marketing), suicide threat detection, stalker behavior, personality-/interest-based match-making, and maybe a few others. There will be some examples of the sites being created to put the data to use. I’ll also give an overview of how mining and social analytics work (and some challenges), and the role — and prevalence — of bots in the twittersphere. It’s becoming evident that the DM is creating a new UI and conduit for analytical tools (de-cluttering your stream). It’s because of the micro-message that Facebook continues to play fast-follower to Twitter, and this talk highlights their micro power.

Micah Elliott

Affiliation uGraph Inc (early stage PDX startup doing health tracking and epidemiology)

Data collector, FOSS/open data proponent, programmer, first-time startup CEO, trying to figure out how to make money collecting data for benevolent purposes. Been hitting Twitter every minute for almost a year.