Roasting Coffee at Home: It's easier than you think!


Do you enjoy freshly roasted coffee but have trouble finding it?
Do you want to drink ethically grown coffee but recession limits your budget?

Well come and learn how to roast your own coffee on a small budget!

Mike McClure


Mike started off just drinking coffee but enjoyed the showmanship of making a good brew so much that he started making it himself. He started with a french press, then moved up to a moka pot, and finally through a succession of espresso machines. After years of honing the coffee making art, he found a supplier of green beans and stepped up to roasting. He found that it was easier than he expected and the results were very rewarding.

Mike recently moved to Portland from Australia to work in its vibrant startup scene, good coffee culture and numerous microbreweries. He enjoys talking coffee and wants to share what he has learned from his experience coffee roasting.