Thanksgiving 2.0


A rundown of my friends and my Thanksgiving celebration, which we share over the web using myriad social media tools and some good old fashioned Arduino geekery. I’ll explain the how, the what, and most importantly the why.

Every year, we smoke a turkey for 8-10 hours. Two years ago we decided to broadcast our turkey smoking to the world and invited others to contribute photos from their Thanksgiving celebrations. We also have a live graph of our turkey’s temperature, so the world can watch it cook. We use Flickr, Twitter and Ustream to give as full an experience as possible to our viewers.

Sharing our Thanksgiving online has allowed us to celebrate with friends and family in other cities and engaged thousands of other people who we never would have met otherwise.

Last year, we were featured on CBC radio and MAKE, Mental Floss and NY Times Blogs, as well as Portland’s own OurPDX and 15,000 people watched the feed.

This year, we’re also using the broadcast to raise money for the Oregon Food Bank.

Michael Weinberg


Michael Weinberg graduated from Reed College with a degree in Theatre, but spends his days as a Systems Administrator. For the last decade, he’s shared Thanksgiving with a group of friends, and the last few years with the world as well. He’s the former President of the Personal Telco project, his favorite color is orange, and his favorite holiday is Thanksgiving.