The Donkey Man is not on Facebook


One Christmas Eve the Donkey Man pulled his wagons into our driveway, along with his two mules, 18 donkeys, three goats and who knows how many chickens. My sister, home from college for the holidays, had no idea what was happening. But I did. John the Donkey Man had decided to stay on our property for the winter.

He ended up staying about nine months. Two donkeys were born on our property and two others died from bee stings. John built a new wagon and when he set back out on the trail, he took me with him.

I lost touch with John about ten years ago and, unlike all my high school pals, he won’t come find me on Facebook. I’ll tell a few vignettes of my time with the Donkey Man and contemplate what it means to live a technology-free life in a time when most of us are ever-connected.

Adam DuVander


Adam DuVander was raised on 30 acres, but now spends his life making the web work. His home office looks out on a garden and three chickens. Despite being a country boy, his wife does most of the work on their tiny city farm.

He also is on the Legion of Tech board, but is taking this Ignite off.