YIP movie rating and other creative solutions


Challenging times have arrived. Governments and corporations aren’t producing real solutions, so let’s start the revolution without them.

Let’s start by reducing crime simply by adding a new movie rating. The YIP movie rating would indicate how many years a person would spend in prison if they were to do everything shown in the movie.

Let’s reduce warfare by using 1-2-3 ballots. What’s the connection? Both warfare and voting are methods of conflict resolution. As voting has become fairer and more common, warfare has decreased.

Let’s increase economic prosperity by creating an “open patent” that does for inventions what “open source” has done for software.

These and other creative, yet effective, solutions will lead to economic prosperity beyond what most people can imagine.

The point of this presentation is to convey, through real examples, that solutions do exist for the problems we face. Hope and humor, and a little kick in the butt, are what people need to start the revolution.

Richard Fobes

Affiliation Author of "The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox"
Website http://www.solutionscreative.com/hope.html

Richard Fobes is the author of “The Creative Problem Solver’s Toolbox,” which has been translated into 8 foreign languages. Insights from writing this book led him to create VoteFair ranking and write a second book, “Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections.”

Armed with a degree in Physics and a love of dancing, he has taken on the challenge of solving the world’s biggest problems, and has emerged with insightful, fresh, yet effective, solutions.