The Resurgence of Hula Hooping


For the past year, I’ve immersed myself into the resurgence of Hula Hooping as a modern dance form and spiritual practice. I’ll give an overview of the evolving landscape of Hoop Dance from the branches of fitness, spirituality, and performance. I’ll give a few beginner tips, and show some photos of how people make their customized, adult-sized hoops. I’ll talk about some of the therapeutic and healing benefits that people have experienced from hooping, and how people are fusing together insights from ancient wisdom traditions to make hooping something much more of a fad. I’ll talk about the Hoop community, their national gatherings and the different extremes of what people are doing with the hoop. You might also see me demonstrate some hooping throughout the entire talk.

Kent Bye


Kent Bye is a documentary filmmaker and new media artist who has been passionately addicted to hoop dance for the past year. He is in charge of directing and editing Drupal training videos for, and he’s conducted over 150 podcast interviews this year on topics ranging from Astrology, Consciousness and the Drupal community.