The Revolution Will Not Be Recognized


Change is afoot. More than just financial and environmental turmoil, this cauldron of transformation promises to alter the way we work, eat, think, look and structure our lives, ultimately driving humanity into our evolutionary next step.

Pretty tall order. How can we pull it off?

Most people won’t even notice the fabric of reality ripping and reforming into a more beautiful quilt. Most people will look back and say: “Wow, things are really different now. How did that happen?”

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised? In our period of transformation, the revolution will not be Recognized. Except to those who participate.

Kevin Duell

Affiliation Green Dragon Consulting

I am an energy geek, Green Building / Sustainability guru, sales and marketing fanatic, recreational tree climber, and presentation junky. A Willamette Valley native, I’ve lived in Portland over 20 years. I made peace with Oregon rain at age 17, realizing that rain = green, and I love the green.