Vehicle Ecology


A scrupulous analysis of the alternative vehicles and the changing automotive landscape and ecology. Much like Darwin’s finches, resource constraints are changing the physicality of the traditional vehicles we know today. In 70 years there has not been new and sustained car company. In every recession there has always been venture capital for start-up car companies. The time is right alternative energy is dictating vehicle architecture changing personal transportation as we know it.

danny kim

Affiliation Lit motors....


My name is Danny Kim I am the founder of Lit Motors.

As a native to Portland Oregon, I went to Reed college for Physics and Biology, switched to architecture at UC Berkeley, finishing my schooling at the Rhode Island School of Design with a major in Industrial design and sustainable transportation.

My professional background in transportation began as a Land Rover mechanic at 21. I saved money to travel the world for a year. I was lucky enough to toured 108 cities, 28 countries, and four continents sampling all forms and systems for transportation. With a fierce determination for autodidactics I travelled alone in both modern and third world countries. At 23 yrs old in a response to the America’s SUV craze, I started a company redesigning, engineering, and assembling the perfect SUV in a tandem production run of two biodiesel, off/on road capable SUVs. Dramatically improving the efficiency from 15 mpg to 31 mpg in an all-time four wheel drive 2.5 ton, truck with the aerodynamics of a brick.

This process inspired a vision for the perfect commuter vehicle and begot a career at the Boston based start-up car company Local motors, consultant work in Vehicle architecture for MIT’s Vehicle design summit, collaborative strategist for Robin Chase’s (founder of Zipcar) ride-share company, Goloco, Smart Geometry research assistant for Saul Griffith’s Squid labs/Makani Power, and project leader for the development of inductive charging station at MIT Media Lab’s Smart Cities.
Currently I am stationed between Portland, Oregon and San Francisco building a full-scale proof of concept for a Portland based company Lit Motors.