My life is one big flaming #hashtag


Hashtags on Twitter have been hijacked by the likes of me to express the unspoken underpinnings of what I’m really trying to say. There are a lot of times in life when we’re saying one thing and meaning another. In my case, I’ve come to the realization that the most meaningful bits of my life may well be summed up by the things I have NOT said; what is implied is often much more important than what is actually coming out of my mouth. And maybe that’s something that I should fix. On the other hand, maybe I’m doing just fine.

Either way, it can be pretty damn funny. And maybe even a little profound.

Jeremy Geiger (Metroknow)


Jeremy Geiger is a writer, an artist, singer/songwriter (who isn’t), and a Pacific Northwest native. In addition to authoring Webological ephemera and spirited bloggisms via sites like OurPDX, Jeremy has published possibly the most boring books that you’ve never read…those lovely pieces of disposable literature known as software user manuals and programming guides. He is certified in a bunch of even less interesting computer science and security whatnots, and was the original writer of the official Xbox Developer’s newsletter, X and the City, under the pseudonym The Xbox Cabana Boy.

On the personal side, “Plays well with others; Thinks too much” was allegedly written on his 7th grade report card [unconfirmed], which by coincidence was possibly falsified in a failed attempt to obscure a D in Pre-Algebra [confirmed].

His artistic alter-ego’s artwork has been shown in the Los Angeles Times, the Pasadena Weekly, and solo exhibitions. His panoramic technical diatribes can sometimes be read in the internals of your computer, although, as with most of the things he’s published, you’ll likely never see them because you stopped reading when you saw the word “software.” And he’s OK with that.