This is Your Brain. This is Your Brain on Exercise


We all know about the physical benefits of exercise. We look better, we have more strength and endurance, and we feel better. This talk is about why we feel better and the science behind it. Exercise effects the brain in some amazing ways. It makes us happier, more focused, less stressed, can help battle addiction, and even help guard against the effects of aging in the brain. Exercise will help us live longer more productive lives and keep us mentally as well as physically sharp!

This talk will outline the benefits of exercise on the brain and how best to use this knowledge to your benefit. Hopefully this will inspire people to start exercising (of keep on going) and make Portland a healthier, smarter, and all together better place for us to live.

Stephen Boyce


After years of being the fat kid all throughout middle school, high school, & college, Stephen decided to change his life. He decided it was finally time to stop being fat and start being healthy. After a journey that saw him lose 80 lbs, Stephen made a career change to help others do what he had done. As a personal trainer Stephen helps people lose weight, gain energy, and live the lives that they have always wanted.

Stephen created his own personal training business in order to avoid gyms like 24 Hr Fitness which see clients as nothing more than bank accounts. He works to create individualized plans to help people meet their own fitness goals.