Everyday people around the world deliver roughly 30 million PowerPoint presentations.

And 95 percent of them suck.

Then people blame PowerPoint, as if the car caused the crash.

This is a (PG-13) rant on bad PowerPoint. As someone once said, “Volume of slides does not equal clarity of message.” This presentation will include some cringe-worthy examples of bad slides, plus some tips on how to avoid the dreaded “Death by PowerPoint” syndrome (also sometimes called, “Show up and throw up”).

Dave Yewman

Affiliation Elevator Speech Inc.
Website http://www.elevatorspeech.com/

Dave Yewman is a presentation coach. His 11-year-old son Aaron was once asked on the playground at school, “What does your Dad do?” Aaron thought for a minute and said, “He teaches people how not to say ‘um.’” That’s certainly part of it. Other parts include videotaping executives and frequently asking questions like, “What the hell does that mean?” and “does anyone actually care about that?”