"Over My Dead Body"


Sky burial, Death Masks, Home Funerals, Dinners for the Dead, Musical bones, Death Portraits, Green Burials, Burial Shrouds… What do all these have in common?
Find out in “Over My Dead Body”™,with Marian Spadone.

We haven’t always been so paralyzingly paranoid in the face of Death. And Death hasn’t always been such an ecological nightmare either! Up until just 2 generations ago we all knew the bottom line; Everybody’s going to Die! Death wasn’t regarded as a failure, a cruel joke, or an enemy… but simply the truth. We didn’t used to be afraid of the bodies of our dead. Humans have taken care of the bodies of our dead naturally for thousands of years. We cared for them at home, and we buried them on our own land, without chemicals and concrete, and without ‘securing’ them into hermetically sealed metal boxes.

Imagine,(or remember, if you will,) bathing and dressing a body at home. Imagine creating songs, poems, portraits… arranging food, flowers, garments… fashioning elaborately carved or woven or sculpted burial containers. Imagine singing, dancing, wailing. And moaning, laughing and crying— all with the dead right there —being carried, sung to, dressed, honored, spoken to, mourned, celebrated. Right there.

If this creeps you out, you might be under the influence of an outmoded cultural meme. Join me in exploring a new one! Make New Choices about Death, considering the sustainability of both our physical and emotional lives. You’ve got nothing to lose but your fear !

Marian Spadone

Affiliation A Fine Farewell
Website http://www.afinefarewell.com/

Marian Spadone is an artist and ceremonial priestess whose mission is to
“Change the way we face Death.”

She makes beautiful, biodegradable burial or cremation shrouds.In addition to this, she teaches, writes, lectures and performs – encouraging people to celebrate and honor death in ways that are sacred, creative, satisfying, and even FUN! She enjoys a stellar relationship with her grown daughter, once spent 10 months tent-camping across the United States , has danced with a boa constrictor, worked in a Buddhist retreat center in England, endured 7 months in an intentional community in Italy and now lives in Portland,OR where she once raised chickens in her back yard (because it’s allowed here!). She follows Elanor Roosevelt’s dictum by doing something every day that scares her.