Confessions of a Dating Ninja


According to Japanese legend, a ninja is the ultimate warrior, skilled in maneuvers such as espionage, scouting, and the art of stealth — all useful skills when navigating the underworld of online dating. But when I created my first online dating profile in 2002, I possessed none of these skills. I was the antithesis of the Dating Ninja — a rank amateur.

I have spent the last seven years building my ninja skills on,, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, Craigslist, It’s Just Lunch, Fitness Singles, Speed Dating, Hot or Not and more. Yes, I’ve tried them all, and in the process have amassed the skills necessary to become a true warrior — a Dating Ninja.

The blind date who meets you for lunch looks like he just walked off a golf course at a retirement community in Florida. What should a Dating Ninja do?

His online profile has no photo and says he’s “separated.” What would a Dating Ninja do?

Allow me to share with you my “Confessions of a Dating Ninja,” the time-honored secrets of transforming yourself from rank amateur to a Dating Ninja in five minutes or less.

Kelly Jo Horton


Kelly Jo Horton lives the life of a software and database geek by day, and the creative life of an actress, writer and improv comedienne at ComedySportz by night. She has traveled to 36 countries, and still finds the Pacific Northwest to be one of her favorite places on earth. Kelly has been an avid runner for the past 25 years, with half marathons being her favorite distance.

Kelly is the former writer, host and co-producer of TVC-TV’s political talk show “To the Point!” She is also known for appearing in various ads on the Web page as “Mrs. Miller,” the woman who loves to do laundry. She holds a degree in journalism from San Diego State University, and an M.A. in Dating Ninja Skills from the School of Hard Knocks.