Social Media Etiquette


As social media technology continues to evolve and more people get involved in using it, one of the issues that arises around it is etiquette: How to use social media in a way that’s respectful of the boundaries of others. We’ve got the technology, but does that mean we know how to use it maturely, to create real relationships?

In examining social media etiquette, I plan to focus on tools such as klout and twitalyzer which present assessments of your social media presence and influence and discuss the positives and negatives of these tools. Also I’ll discuss the mores that are developing around social networking sites in terms of how people connect and relate to each other and what works and doesn’t work in social media etiquette.

In this talk, I briefly discuss what social media etiquette is and how it’s being explore in social media.

Taylor Ellwood

Affiliation Imagine Your Reality

Taylor is a published author and a business and social media coach. When he’s not working with clients he’s writing his next book or exploring Portland. For more information please visit