Everything I Know About Dating I Learned from Web Search Engine Optimization


When you think about it, attracting love interests isn’t all that different from attracting people to your web site. You have to determine your target audience, deduce what he/she wants, use words that they are looking for (like doctor, money, backrubs, health club), and then provide a compelling call-to-action.

People who are:
– searching for love or just love to be searched
– wanting to be Googled or ogled
– ranked 254,387th for the keyword “great date”

will all benefit from this brief discussion.

Mike Wills

Website http://www.mikewills.com/

Mike is a 20-year veteran of the Internet and multimedia, his last eight years working in Internet marketing and project management. Following corporate positions at Boeing and Safeco, he moved to the web agency world, including time at Via Training, Avenue A | Razorfish, and White Horse for clients such as HP, Adidas, Microsoft, Countrywide, Citibank, and PacificSource Health Plans. Currently, he is the principal of an Internet marketing consulting firm that specializes in providing e-marketing direction, both partnering with web agencies and directly to businesses such as Portland General Electric, with an emphasis on search engine marketing, audience-content relevancy, and email strategies.