The Starving Artist Is A Myth - Artists and the Internet


The Starving Artist is a myth that was created in the mid-1800’s by an obscure French writer named Henri Murger and ever since then artists everywhere have thought that it was cool to be poor, hungry, and not very talented.

Over the last year I have interviewed more than 40 artists over a range of different disciplines. I have discovered that the Internet is creating a quiet revolution among artists – the ones that have the guts to put themselves out there and demand to get paid for their work are being rewarded.

Amanda Palmer made $11,000 on Twitter overnight. Kate Miss from sells her new jewelry collections in seconds. Amber Jean, a sculpture artist in Montana, has dozens of people that pay her each month for the privilege of watching her work.

Jeff Jarvis, media reporter, said that Google has created a mass of niches that business can exploit. Artists are uniquely prepared to do just that.

Cory Huff

Affiliation The Abundant Artist

Cory Huff has been acting since he was a little kid. He graduated from college with a degree in acting and promptly entered the search engine marketing industry. He leads a double life in Portland teaching people how to sell stuff online by day and performing in plays by night. He also teaches artists how to sell their work through his Web site,