Couch to 5k - It didn't change my life, but it did change my butt...


I hate to run.

But since I started running in March 2009 I’ve lost 25 pounds and dropped 3 pants sizes. I’ve made goals, and attained them. And I still have more goals planned…

Along the way I’ve been supported by friends and hopefully inspired others to set better fitness goals. During this talk I’ll describe my personal challenges and triumphs, funny moments, and why I started running (even though I hate it).

I’ll also talk a little bit about body image and womens’ perception of what they see in the mirror in hopes that the women in the audience will feel better about their bodies and men will understand why our reflection can make us cry.

Inspired by a blog post I wrote for “Go Fit Girl”.

Jen Floyd


Jen’s a native Oregonian and is happy to call Central Oregon “home” since 2003. She pays the bills as a website developer but cooking and raising her three kids are her real passions.

She started running in March 2009 and just ran her first 10k in September. She hates to run.