... ever since I put your picture in a frame


You’re already the curator of your own gallery.
Here’s what you might not have realized about that.

The search for meaning, friendship, and love in this unusual age.

Slideshare.net URL for deck: http://www.slideshare.net/egrigg9000/elizabeth-grigg-ignite-meaning-friendship-and-love

After sharing a modicum about my background and personal brand, I plan on itemizing the different types of successfully shareable content. Then I’ll contrast that with bad content that is shared anyway. This should prep everyone for a staged digression into the definition of meaning, friendship, and love, in that order, with a “circle of life” type song at the end. The whole thing is wrapped up with the audience member taking a closer look at what they share online and, in turn, themselves. Seriously!

Elizabeth Grigg

Affiliation Microsoft
Website http://www.twitter.com/egrigg9000

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, still live there, married a Portlander (go MLC!) and the rest is history. Started out in music, branched out to tech, will return one day to art.