Ninja Pricing: How smart, flexible pricing techniques can optimize your profits


Ninja Pricers know that healthy profits are the key to everything a business needs to expand and prosper. Profits are what makes investing in people, equipment, infrastructure, marketing, and more possible.

Smart pricing has the potential to boost profits quickly and help maintain healthy profits for the long term. However, no other tool is so frequently overlooked by management in most companies.

Ninja Pricers understand how their pricing levers work and they know how to use them to optimize profits. They eschew simple “cost plus” pricing for more sophisticated techniques that take may different factors into account. Ninja Pricers know that simply charging “X% above” or Y% below" the competition is a loser’s game. They know how to price goods and services in fair ways that encourage customers to keep coming back again and again and improve profits at the same time.

This talk will explain how to go beyond simplistic pricing models and the impact that Ninja Pricing can have on the bottom line for businesses.

Hugh R Heinsohn


Hugh Heinsohn is an experienced business and market development executive who has helped introduce, promote, market and sell a variety of high value, high technology products and services to major corporations, financial services firms and large media companies. Hugh has held senior management, sales and marketing positions with IT, telecommunications, and media technology companies.

As a consultant, Hugh provides business and market development services to companies who are interested in finding new customers and new opportunities for growth. His consulting clients include Panopticon Software, Net Insight, PriceGain, Digital Vision, Creandum, Streamson, and Edgeware.