How to Solve Any Puzzle in Less Than 47 Minutes


Can you understand Morse Code? What if it’s encoded as images instead of sounds? What if those images are cancelled postage stamps, and you have to first sort them based on their colors and the dates in each postmark?

Puzzle hunts come in many shapes and sizes, but they all test players’ mental agility by presenting information in unusual ways. I’ll give a brief history of my involvement in this unique community, show some clues from past Games, and do a quick recap of the Portland “DASH” event which took place on September 13, 2009.

Curtis C. Chen

Affiliation Team Snout

Curtis first played “The Game,” a weekend-long driving puzzle hunt event, in 1996, and has been hooked ever since. In the last decade, he and his wife DeeAnn have run five Games and participated in many other, similar puzzle events in the San Francisco Bay Area. Curtis and DeeAnn moved to the Portland area in the fall of 2008.