Rural mailboxes


No matter how far or fast we dive into the information age, we will always have regular mail. Though, we may all be carrying around a smart phones or whatever the new communication gadget that has been recently been invented, we still greatly rely upon the mail or as it is affectionately has become to be known as, “snail mail”. Even with our mailboxes overflowing with junk mail, bills and catalogues, there is still the occasion that we get something that makes us feel good when we go through the pile. A birthday card, a magazine, or pictures from a family event. These hard, tangible documents are coveted. Though most of us get our mail slipped through a slot in the front door of our homes, actual mailboxes still exist. Out there, in the rural countryside, along country roads and the byways of America.

I had the opportunity to go on a 3-year scavenger hunt looking for some of the first homemade, what we now call DYI projects, of mailboxes on the side of the road across this country. Cows, pigs, racecars, tractors, American flags and related organic sculptural images of civic pride along the back roads and forgotten places.

Presentation will include a selection of the 300+ examples that I have found, US Postal mailbox history and detail images of fine craftsmanship.

Brett Stern

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