ZOMBIES: Preparing Portland for a Possible Pandemic


From Thriller to Shaun of the Dead, we all know what will happen when zombies attack. Dancing in the streets, yellow glowing eyes, comedy hijinks and, uh, there’s that part where they try to eat your brain and convert you to zombie-ism.

Destruction from the zombie apocalypse is NOT inevitable. With the proper precautions: quarantining the newly zombie-fied neighbors, stocking your supplies (food, first aid, zombie weaponry, etc.) and having a “shelter-in-place” plan, survival is possible!

You may have seen enough zombie flicks to predict their moves, but without a disaster action plan, you’ll be dead faster than a zombie can say “RRARRAAGHHH!”

Nate Warren

Affiliation American Red Cross, Oregon Trail Chapter
Website http://www.oregonredcross.org/

When I was a nine year old I witnessed my classmate shove a paperclip into a light socket and the hilarious reaction that followed. I have been interested in the power of knowledge ever since.

I currently work as an emergency preparedness presenter with the Red Cross in North Portland. With help from Robin Parker and Lise Harwin of Cross Blog, @redcrosspdx and Ready Radio, we want to give Portland a survival strategy against the undead.