Building Better Relationships through Object-Oriented Design


Intro – Testimonials
An ex-girlfriend:
“You definitely have your own thing going on.”

Another ex-girlfriend:
“Did you come up with this yourself?”

Object-oriented design I: “A good interface”

  • The story of the landlord and the broken doorbell.

Object-oriented design II: “Encapsulation”

  • The name technique
    Problem: hard-to-remember information about
    all the people you meet. Solution: Store the information
    in them, without their knowing it.

Bonus material: “Design patterns”

  • The project manager
    Show the problem.
    Show an OO analysis; color+shape-coded connectors.
    Show an OO/Design Pattern solution: Adapter.
    Show the application of Adapter to relationships.

Robb Shecter


Robb is a law student, software engineer, and founder of - a legal research service built with OO design.