Effective Praise


Why praise works, when it doesn’t, and why. Plus, how you can give better, more effective praise, and how you can avoid giving the “wrong praise at the wrong time” that de-motivates.

Includes references to recently published research from Harvard Business Review, and the science of understanding human performance.

Thomas Cox

Affiliation Cox Business Consulting, Inc.
Website http://www.coxbusinessconsulting.com/

Tom Cox is a successful consultant, author and speaker who specializes in helping CEOs be better leaders.

He has worked in industries ranging from retail to wholesale to manufacturing to government to business services. He has worked at IBM, Oracle, TRM, Tektronix, SCIF, ODOT, Intel, Regence Blue Cross, Standard Insurance and dozens of others.

Tom’s volunteering includes the City Club of Portland, where he serves on the Board of Governors.

A graduate of the University of Chicago, Tom earned his four-year degree in psychology in three years, with honors.

Tom was a 2002 Libertarian candidate for Governor of Oregon, and now chairs a statewide work committee for the Oregon Republican Party.