Inappropriate terms to use in an American business meeting if you are a brit!


English brothers! ever wondered what terms are a little dodgy to use in a meeting room full of Americans?
well look no further and learn from my mistakes (mostly made in Portland)

American friends! Ever wondered what the babbling brit is talking about and need an explanation?
I will provide some translation and insight into what specific terms mean.

Christian Howes


Born, raised and live in the UK. Was a development chemist for Unilever and Eli-lily (actually worked on the development for Prozac)
Switched careers to Web Analytics and have worked for companies such as Panasonic and Sony Playstation, now work for Webtrends.
I have a wife and 3 kids and live just outside London in a place called Winchester which used to be the capital of Anglo Saxon Britain.

I have all the usual hobbies of a thirtysomething man these include ; Gaming, Drinking, Porn and BBQ.