How to Run a Marathon


My first Marathon. I am not a runner and not super athletic. Just on a mission to do something different. Something challenging. Something that I will never forget and something that will change the way I view life.

This is my personal experience of what inspired me to train and run a marathon. What kept me going through the process of training. And what I learned about life. I’d like to pass on my inspiration and tips to doing something that you never thought you could do.

Angela Stacklin


I am dedicating this year to living life to the fullest! I am participating in activities that test my mental, emotional and physical strength. So far I have jumped out of an airplane, walked a Half Marathon, written a short story and built a tool box. My passions are yoga, personal development, making the world a better place and, quite recently, running. My hope is that by living my life a little better and taking chances, I may inspire others to do something different or challenging or down right crazy.