From SixHourStartup , StartupWeekendPortland to StartupXXX


In the Startup Business Sprinting process: our experiences growing a support project to accelerate startup success. This is an overview of what worked in SixHourStartup , StartupWeekendPortland and some of the lessons learned in the process. Assuming that StartupWeekendPortland produces a working website, this will be a review of one of those projects: A support tool to help a startup move from Idea to revenue.

John Sechrest

Affiliation Corvallis Benton Chamber Coalition

An Entrepreneurial Collaborator who has worked at HP, OSU, Started an ISP, supported R+D and now helps companies startup. I am active in the PortlandBarCamp process, ran the BeaverBarCamp and have participated in SixHourStartup in Seattle and StartupWeekend in Portland. I am active in supporting a Business Facilitation group, an Angel Investing group and on the board of our local Business Accelerator.