Cultivating Constructive Silliness


Thing One: What does Snoopy eat for breakfast?
Thing Two: I don’t know, what does Snoo-
Thing One (interrupting): PANCAKES!!!!!

Why is this funny? What is the context in which it could be funny, and can you get there without sleep deprivation or drugs?

The answers are as follows: Because it is COMEDY GOLD; many contexts, but particularly ones in which the participants are unshackled from the normative conventions of discourse; yes, you can absolutely get there on pure air. Just ask Reid or Amy. The answer to the unasked question is thus: You want to cultivate a circumstance where this is funny because it is a sign that you’re part of a highly functioning team. It is not a koan so much as a milepost – the point at which you became comfortable enough with your skin to be creative and make meaning happen with others.

Pancakes, dude. Pancakes.

J-P Voillequé


Raised as a girl by a cabal of women in darkest Idaho, J-P knows the meaning of silly. Hoo boy, does he ever. To use Eva Schweber’s phrase, he is currently an involuntary entrepreneur as well as (still) the director of Awesome at Extreme Arts & Sciences.