Critical life lessons learned from my four years as a hooker


Lesson #1 – doesn’t matter how big your opponent is, if you tackle them around the knees they WILL fall down.

Every little thing we do in life has the power to inform our future choices. Having managed to make a fruitful and satisfying career as a girl in technology, I’d like to share the wisdom that helped me get where I am in hopes that I can inspire others to kick ass.

My own ass kicking skills were first developed as a hooker – front and center in the scrum (and no, i’m not talking about a development methodology).

james keller

Affiliation small society

James Keller is a digital communications strategist and user experience evangelist. She has the best job in the world – having recently co-founded Small Society, a local agency who specializes in iPhone strategy and development. When not glued to her mobile device and/or laptop – she raises her kidbot, knits, longs for her mobile device and/or laptop, and plays in the dirt.