Derailing the Train: How to stop Ignite Portland in its tracks.


At the beginning of every Ignite Portland, you’re told that once the show starts, it can’t be stopped. We disagree. There are plenty of ways to stop Ignite Portland in its tracks. (Some of them are even legal!) Reid and Amye will take you on a whirlwind tour of show-stopping spectacles and mischief.

Reid and Amye

Affiliation Chaotic Good

If you haven’t already met the disaster that is Reid and Amye (two separate people whose minds seem to be related), you’re in for a treat.

Reid Beels wanders around the Portland tech community, getting involved in far too many things. He’s probably helped to organize an event that you’ve attended. By day (okay, actually late at night when no one is around to distract him) he writes ruby code and designs beautiful, functional experiences for the web.

Amye Scavarda has lots of wonderful ideas about technology and people. This leads to involvement in community tech events around Portland. She also has all sorts of weird hobbies, like hot air ballooning. She believes in the NYTimes style guide and instead of finding her at miss amye on twitter, she’s msamye.