Poetry can save the world (or at least one's sanity)


I will explore how the creative exercise of writing poetry can open one up to the secrets of language, communication, dynamic inquiry, and your suppressed inner-self — as well as the secrets of the spirit of life and living bold… and maybe save your sanity is a stressful world.

I’ll share a tip on how to use a brief sojourn into poetry at the office to free your power of dynamic thought.

I’ll show how poetry will make you smarter, more effective, better looking, and a whole lot happier — it’s rumored to even improve your sex life. I can personally attest to the fact that it keeps you in touch with your sense of wonder and possibility — something from which the political, spiritual, and academic leaders of our world could benefit enormously.

I will expose the audience to the vast underground, and often unknown world of personal poetry/writing that thrives today on the internet — how to access it, enjoy it, and be enriched by it… even how to participate in it if one wishes.

In the final 3 minutes we will create a spontaneous public poem by having audience members at random, and spur of the moment supply phrases or sentences that will combine linearly, uncensored and unedited, to create a free verse public poem.

Provocative, stimulating, challenging, elevating, introspective, and damned “hot” — poetry can save the world, or at least make it a damned sight more interesting)!!

Please come visit one or all of my poetry/writing and art blogs — it might give you a sense just where this 15 minutes might lead…

Rob Kistner

Affiliation Founder and moderator of Writer's Island - international writers community blog
Website http://writersisland.wordpress.com/

I am a writer, poet, artist, singer, song lyricist, and contemporary furniture designer. I have great fascination for free-verse poetry noir, and dabble occasionally in futuristic themes. You can see examples of my creations throughout my blogs. Coming to www.image-verse.com will link you to each of them.

At 61 years of age, my heart is still full of wonder, as I grow younger everyday. I’m lucky to live an adventurous life. Went to three different colleges in the 1960’s, furthering my education at the “university of the road” — cross country on motorcycles, then in traveling R&B and Rock & Roll bands for quite a few years. I still sing.

I was fortunate to have been one of the country’s first home theater architects, having evolved from designing and installing custom residential audio systems in the mid 1970’s.

I was a member of George Lucas’s Lucasfilm LTD, THX Division. What a great time! It was a blast having an office on Skywalker Ranch being surrounded by, and encountering daily, remarkably creative individuals.

I now settle in the Pacific Northwest. I am thrilled to spend available time exploring this magnificent part of the world, while doing my best to be a loving husband and father.

I am the moderator of an active international writing community blog called Writer’s Island. We offer two writing prompts every week. It is somewhat demanding, but very satisfying. The address is my ‘website’ address is displayed above here.

I also author 3 other poetry/writing blogs:
1.) Image & Verse (www.image-verse.com)
2.) Image & Verse Too (www.imageverse2.wordpress.com)
3.) Re•flect (www.winedarksea.wordpress.com)

Pick one and come visit!