Timewave Zero and Global Brain Change or The Return to Living in Natural TIme; Is there an App for That?


According to Mayan prophecy, December 21, 2012 marks the beginning of the Age of Transition, where humans will have the opportunity to turn away from our materialistic values and choose once again to rely on our inner technologies.
Western philosophers have added to this theory with predictions of the novelty of time progressing into infinity and the creation of a global social superorganism.
This presentation will explain the validity of these predictions and how to successfully navigate through this transition AND keep your favorite manifestations of the Gregorian calendar and Cartesian coordinate system.

Ross Swartzendruber

Affiliation Cherry City Music Festival
Website http://www.cherrycitymusic.com/

I am an ad agency owner dedicated to changing the world through art and music while respecting the futility of suppressing the cosmic giggle.