Seven lessons learned while trying to reinvent television news


Eight months ago, I was told to create a news broadcast without using the word “newscast.” It was going to be called The Square Live @ 7, and it would be the flagship show for a new multimillion-dollar studio launching in the fall. Things change.

From the location of the show to the content we generate every night, we’ve learned a lot about making compelling TV on the cheap in the midst of an industry crisis.

Several of the lessons I’m considering for slides:
1. Be careful who you call “hipster”
2. There’s no such thing as bad press
3. There’s no such thing as over-confirmation
4. Hormones happen. Especially to pregnant co-workers
5. Some things are out of your control. Especially in a corporate divorce
6. Not everyone belongs on Twitter
7. Brain dumps are harder than they look

Aaron Weiss

Affiliation KGW

Producer of KGW’s Live @ 7