Shift Happens - Geeks, Satyagrahas and Other Process Artists...


A convincing response has emerged to the 10,000-year-old culture of domination, hierarchy and othering that apparently rules the world. We’re already mainstream; it just hasn’t been acknowledged yet, in part because people in one thread of the movement often don’t see all of the other threads as part of a common cloth.

So we’ll begin with the question, “What do a wiki geek and someone into Nonviolent Communication have in common?”

John Abbe

Affiliation Co-Intelligence Institute

Born. Breathed, drank, ate, and excreted. Sat in rows with other young listening to elders at the front of the room talk a lot. Read, sang, wrote, acted, coded. Lucked into community for the first time and opened up to basic trust. Learned a lot about groups. Facilitated more and more, and less and less obviously (i hope).