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The ‘common good’ is usually both a pretty nice gang of folks to hang out with and a terrific reason to do something. I have had the pleasure, and pain some days, to be part of a project for those working for the common good in and around Oregon to share information, data, ideas, and more all in the name of the common good.

Enough with the repeating words.

June 10 is the public launch of an open source tool for foundations, nonprofits, state agencies, and citizens to find and share information the aids the work everyone is doing to make the world better. We are super excited to get people involved in this new educational resource that Meyer Memorial Trust is providing to the community at no charge, and as an open source tool, to the world.

Still, what is it though?

connec+ipedia (if you go find it online now, don’t be discouraged, as we get to see what is on the dev server and you don’t until June 10th!) is built by WagN using Ruby on Rails to combine wiki and database functionality. It connects people, places and things to help users easily connect to information they need. It’s pretty cool. I’ll tell you all about it, in five minutes.

Amy Sample Ward

Affiliation Meyer Memorial Trust

A ‘Woman Who Tech’s in the NPTech world. Blogger, activist, biker, friend, lover, wife. Currently working for Meyer Memorial Trust and excited for June 10th.