Sauna Etiquette: Proper Decorum Amongst Naked, Sweaty Strangers


Saunas, or Finnish steam baths, have numerous social and health benefits. Unfortunately, many people are reluctant to try this relaxing and refreshing activity because of a lack of understanding or concern about how to take one properly. For example, should I wear a swimsuit, a towel or nothing? What temperature should I set it at? How long do I stay in the sauna?
Sauna Etiquette will describe the traditional Finnish sauna experience and contrast it to the type you’re more likely to find locally. The goal of this presentation is to demystify the sauna and give members of the audience the confidence to try one at a health club, a spa or best of all, on the edge of a frozen lake in the middle of winter.

Miki Tokola

Affiliation Micom Consulting

Miki is a second generation Finnish-American who as an infant was taking saunas before he could say “Boy, it’s hot in here”. Born in Portland, raised in Vancouver, WA, and schooled at the University of Washington, he is a veteran of B2B planning, product management and marketing. Miki has managed products with total revenues of over $1/2 billion and worked for Tektronix, Floating Point System, Mentor Graphics and Evel Knievel. He is currently the Principal Consultant at Micom Consulting.