Why Entrepreneurs Deserve Respect and Why the Reasons Why They Fail


Entrepreneurs have been around since the dawn of time. These are the people who create things our of their imaginations. The Di Vinci’s and Edison’s of the world. These are not the bankers who simply make money using other people’s money – these are the people who create ideas bring them to life, who make things that make our lives better.

Now more than ever we will need entrepreneurs to lead us out of a broken economic model – into a sustainable, balanced world order. Learn the reasons why Entrepreneurs should be respected and why they fail.

John Stepleton

Website http://knowledge-fulcrum.com/

The epitome of entrepreneur, at the age of 27, without any money or experience, John did what true entrepreneurs do – he boot-strapped a start-up business. He ended up turning the “boot-strap” research firm into a three time Inc. 500 Growth Company growing the business into a 500 employee firm.

John’s success in business is a direct result of his passion for understanding and his obsession with measuring and assessing. Over the years John’s interest in benchmarking and his involvement in researching best practices have led to a depth of knowledge as to what makes organizations tick that’s unseen.