making a trashion statement (wallets and other products) from unrecycled milk and juice cartons - and then some.


About 6 months ago I read that less than .05% of milk and juice cartons get recycled and that we produce more than 510,00 tons of these every year. So I went to the store and looked… sure enough there was no recycle icon on any of the cartons! How could this be??? I began to research the big WHY and slowly (well not that slowly as I launched the entire thing under my goal of 1oo days) the idea for milkmuny was formed to:

1. create awarness and promote carton reuse and recyclability.
2. We feed a whole lot of hungry people at the Portland missions – see the video!
3. create a very easy and cool fund raising opp for schools and groups!
4. give part of the sales to other charities as well!
5. create some god dammed jobs – no else seems to!

It’s more of a concept than a business model and more of a tribe than a company but that’s the little BIG idea…

John Schreiber


I am a creative director and brand strategist. I have been designing and providing retail strategy for many years, the last 10 here in PDX….