Living in a Resource-Based Economy


What is Resource Based Economy (RBE)?

- RBE is the next generation social system substituting Capitalism, Monetary Economy, Corporatocracy, and Representative Democracy as a new form of global societal interaction.
- RBE promotes prosperity and equality by eliminating major illnesses of the today prevalent forms of society.
- RBE promotes peaceful non-violent action where everyone is a leader.
- RBE stands for conscious personal growth.

What Resource Based Economy (RBE) is not.

-RBE is not any form of political or religious system, certainly not communism, socialism, or anarchy.
- RBE is not a movement, neither it is a project.
- RBE is not utopia.
- RBE is not perfect.

Russell Holzinger

Affiliation Zeitgeist PDX

Activist, Architect, Comedian, Designer, Father, Futurist, Geek, Lover, Planner, Tech.