How to build and program a multitouch display


As interaction designers, we’ve been trained from day one how to deal with single point interactions (ie, the mouse pointer). With the iPhone, Surface, and a variety of other products out there, we’re all being pulled to design for multitouch applications. That said, there are very few out of the box testing platforms out there that we can learn on (Surface costs >$17k, for instance).

Frustrated by this, at FashionBuddha we built our own for under a grand. Actually, we’ve built two at this point, and should have more by the time ignite comes around. In addition, we created some small diy test boxes that cost under $30 for development.

In my five minutes, I’ll talk about how we built them, the tech behind them and the diy process we used, and, more importantly, what we did with the tables once we got them running. So, consider it a two part presentation — how to build a table, and, then, how to use Flash and reconsider how one designs for this new space.

Todd Greco


Todd Greco is the Creative Director for FashionBuddha, a local animation and interaction shop. FashionBuddha is best known for the website (which was in the newest CA Interactive Annual) and the interactive wall for Umpqua Bank at their South Waterfront location.

Prior to this, he was an Associate Creative Director for Euro/RSCG, an international ad agency. His clients included Barclays/iShares, Adobe, Samsung, Visa, Allstate, and Agilent. Most notably, Todd designed the interface for “Adobe Bridge Home” and “Adobe Stock Photos” for Adobe’s Bridge CS3 application.

In addition to his ACD duties, he taught for 4 years as an Adjunct Professor of Design at Portland State University and currently teaches Photoshop for the Multimedia Certificate Program there. In previous jobs, Todd owned his own design studio (bluePAVO) as well as worked at a number of other agencies (CyberSight/ninedots, Rapidigm, MC2Interactive, Fahlgren-Martin), dating back to 1995. In his spare time, Todd is a club DJ and distance cyclist.