How To Make Money Stealing Mobile Phones & Laptops


With the down economy have you wanted a new laptop or iPhone, but just can’t afford one? Have you ever wondered the best techniques to steal a laptop? How about how to get around those pesky passwords? How about all those mobile phones people are carrying? Did you know that these devices are a veritable gold mine with the value of the data that is on them?

Ken will show you how easy it is to circumvent password protected login screens and popular techniques used to steal laptops and mobile phones. Also covered will be how to sell the devices without getting caught. He will also discuss how and where to sell data you find on these devices on the black market and what it is worth.

The topic of this presentation will reveal how lucrative the stolen mobile device market really is and how much of a problem it has become. This is to help raise awareness regarding what people should be doing to better protect their devices, data and themselves and in the conclusion Ken will discuss simple things people can do to do just that.

Ken Westin

Affiliation GadgetTrak

Ken is a creative technologist with 11-years experience in computer security, development and design. He has developed and managed applications and websites for companies including Tektronix, iovation, Centennial Software and both developer and instructor at Pacific University. As founder of GadgetTrak he developed GadgetTrak’s original patented solutions for removable media and laptop theft recovery and leads product management and technology innovation.

Ken has several years of experience in the area of computer security as a developer and security analyst. He has recently had material regarding USB hacking published in the Certified Ethical Hacker exam training materials and is regularly contacted by the press and law enforcement regarding topics including insider data theft and laptop and mobile device theft.