There are so many things you can do with your whistler. I’ll talk about and whistle about some of the things I’ve learned while practicing whistling over my life.

You can do trills, You can mix humming and whistling, you can whistle almost anything instantly; your voice can reach a level of virtuosity quickly, you can play a jazz improvisational counterpoint to any song on the radio, you can even (if your whistler is in shape) whistle two notes at the same time. You can whistle while you work – try that with a guitar. You can whistle both on the in-breath and the out-breath and thus have uninterrupted whistling. You can find interference patterns when you whistle with friends. You can find machines by whistling along a spectrum until you find the resonant frequency of the machine. You can whistle really really loud even without your fingers. You might be able to whistle sounds you cannot hear (but your dog can). there are epic whistlers and epic songs with whistling in them. Whistling makes you a better kisser.


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After escaping from Canada I became a hacker geo-enthusiast mountain climber CTO janitor. Just like everybody else in fact. I think the real question is “what have you done for us lately?” To that end I’m quite excited by co-chairing WhereCamp in San Jose on May 22 2009.